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2 Packs Expired Instax Mini Film (Random)

2 Packs Expired Instax Mini Film (Random)
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2 Packs Expired Instax Mini Film (Random)
  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Model: Mini Film Random
  • Weight: 100.00g

This listing is for 1 Pack = 10 Photos

For use with all Instax mini cameras (Mini 7, Mini 7S, Mini 8, Mini 25, Mini 50S, Mini 70, Mini 90) and Instax Share Printer

Expired between 2017 to 2018. $9.90 for 2 Packs

Random design will be given, no selection or return/exchange allowed.


Can expired film be used?

Yes. It may produce result same as normal non-expired film or with degraded colors (old film effect).

Will expired film damage my camera/printer?

No, camera/printer primary function is to pull the film through roller and activate the chemicals within the film. Do not use the film cartridge if it has been dented or damaged.

Will I be getting the same design if I purchase more than 1 pack?

We will try to mix different designs for order of more than 1 pack.

Can I exchange the film if the result is not what I wanted?

No, the expired films are sold as it is. We cannot guarantee every pack will produce normal result as non-expired film.

Why does my photo look dark, too bright, full black, full white? Is the film spoilt?

Unlikely the film is spoilt. Please check your camera brightness mode (especially for mini 8, mini 8+, mini 9) and get familiar with the operations of your camera before using it. In some cases, faulty camera shutter will cause issue.

Only store your films in cool and dry place; not inside your car, near windows or heat producing appliances.

Can I get a discount for bulk purchase?

We are sorry that the expired films are sold at loss, there will not be bulk discount.

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