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Do I need to place order online if I want to self collection at the Store?

  • Yes. Please check with us for stock availability before collection.

Do you do accept payment by PayPal / Credit Card / NETS?

  • For credit/debit card payment we will charge an admin fee of 3.9% + $1 and payment will be through PayPal, only available for online purchase only. For local buyers we recommend using bank transfer instead to avoid the additional charge.
  • NETS is no longer accepted now.
  • Currently we can only send to the same address in your PayPal account, your order will be canceled if you entered a different delivery address.
  • We only accept order with registered mail/courier as delivery method in case of any lost parcel claim, your order may be canceled if you choose normal mail.


Do you do accept payment by Western Union?

  • Sorry we don't accept it.


Do you do trade-in?

  • Sorry we don't do trade-in regardless it is a brand new or used camera.


Can I do reservation?

  • We only do reservation after full payment is made, otherwise will be first come first.


I have purchased the wrong camera model/color or wrong film, can I change it?

  • To ensure all cameras that our customers received are fully brand new, we strictly don't allow exchange. Our policy serve to protect the interest of the buyers; no one will want to pay for something that has been used and returned.
  • As films have expiry dates and may spoil due to improper storage temperature and humidity, we strictly don't allow exchange once sold.


What is Pre-order?

  • Pre-order is usually done for new products that have not been released in the market yet or products that we are introducing to our store. For pre-order there will be waiting time for the stock to arrive and we will reserve the stock (some products are very limited in stock) for you only if you have made payment for your order. You will be able to get the product before other customers, usually with bonus gifts or cheaper price too!
  • Please note you should order pre-order items separately if you want to receive other items first as your order will be sent only when all items are in stock.


What is 'ETA'?

  • ETA is estimated time of arrival. We will use this term if the product is not in stock and we will give estimated availability date. Please note ETA date may change due to sudden shortage of stock or delay in shipment.


Is there any minimum order required?

  • No, but you can save on delivery cost with more items you buy.


My order status has been updated with a tracking number, where do I check the parcel status?


Where does your Instax camera/film come from? Are they from Japan?

  • We import from various countries, for example USA, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore etc. depending on the models and designs.
  • It doesn't matter which country it come from as all are original FujiFilm products of the same quality. We has always been asked about this question as probably some other sellers misled you into thinking that those from Japan are original, of better quality or made in japan. You can verify on your own by checking for the "made in china" phrase printed on the box and embossed at the bottom of the cameras sold by these sellers.
  • For your information, all Instax cameras are produced in China while all Instax films are produced in Japan and other countries.


Does your instax camera come with 1 year Fujifilm warranty?

  • Some instax cameras sold by us are without local Fujifilm warranty (unless stated), likewise the same for other sellers who are selling way below retail prices, most of our cameras come with original Fujifilm warranty from overseas.
  • Beware of other sellers that don't have any warranty policy as Fujifilm Singapore may not accept repair for export sets and will charge very expensive and is not worth to be repaired. Usually other sellers will just sell and disappear without offering any user support or offer personal warranty that is not verifiable. For official Fujifilm warranty, the camera will come with Fujifilm warranty card. In we use seal with serial number to track your warranty.


Does your instax films have warranty?

  • Films are consumable goods, temperature and humidity may affect the photo printout and thus we are unable to provide warranty. However you may contact Fujifilm for advice.


I didn't purchase my camera from PastLanes, can I still send to you for repair?

  • Sorry we are not taking in cameras for repair.


Does the instax camera come with film? Can you provide free film?

  • All instax cameras don't come with film and unfortunately it is too costly for us to include it for free or provide further discount price as we are working with very slim profit margin, therefore do consider the films cost in your budget while shopping for the camera. Look out for our promotion, we may provide free gift with purchase.


Which camera model produce better photo quality?

  • All instax cameras use the same films therefore the quality is the same. Mini 25, mini 50S, mini 70 and mini 90 is better choice as they will automatically use the best aperture and have fill-in flash option to produce better result, therefore less photos wastage (there is a high chance that you use the wrong mode in mini 7S, mini 8 or mini 9) .


Which delivery method should I choose?

  • We recommend self collection so that you can check and test the item on the spot and happily take home to use. For delivery, we recommend that you choose courier as we will ensure it is properly packed to prevent damage, is traceable and also provide fast delivery service to your doorstep. If you choose normal mail delivery time will be longer and we don't recommend normal mail as it is not traceable, therefore if the item is lost we will not be responsible.


Can I get discount if I buy x and x and x...?

  • Of course we know you will love a discount ;) however the prices we give are too low to provide further discount, but we can give discount for bulk purchase, for example above 20 packs of design films. You can look out in our facebook page for special promotions too!


Do you offer any package/bundle?

  • We do not have any package/bundle to make it easier for you to choose the items you want within your budget,  we understand that some other sellers may offer package/bundle to enjoy savings, however you will find out that the total is still much higher than purchasing individual items from us.


Do you offer better prices if I wish to purchase in bulk?

  • Yes! We offer you competitive prices, please contact us by email [email protected] Please note for instax films bulk price is from 60 packs (1 carton).