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Common Problems

Instax Cameras

Here we try to list down the common problems faced by our users, this list is not exhaustive and we will update it from time to time

Photos turn out too dark

  • Make sure the environment is bright and there is sufficient lighting on the subject.
  • Check the lighting mode is set to the correct mode (use indoor mode if you are taking in poor lighting condition).
  • Ensure the light sensor in front  of the camera and the flash is not blocked when you take the photo. If your camera is placed in a leather bag, please check if part of the bag is blocking the sensor.
  • Try with the fill-in flash mode for brighter background (for mini 25, mini 50S & Instax 210 only).
  • It is usually not due to any fault with the camera, in photography term it has to do with aperture, if the lighting mode is wrong means too little or too much light will enter through the lens and give unexpected result.


Photos turn out totally black

  • The shutter may have failed, please contact us for repair.


Photos turn out blank/white/too bright

  • Check the film cover is closed propery.
  • Do NOT open film cover and remove the film cartridge once loaded into the camera when there is films remain inside, doing so will spoil the film in front that is exposed to light.
  • Do not take reflective subject (e.g. mirror) as the flash will bounce off and overexpose the film. Likewise do not take photo directly towards bright light sources.
  • In photography term it has to do with aperture, if the lighting mode is wrong means too little or too much light will enter through the lens and give unexpected result.
  • If the photo is totally white, there is also possibility that the camera shutter may have failed.
  • There are few user reported cases where the camera is working fine but photo is totally white, we suspect it is due to improper transport and storage of the films as it contains chemical which will be affected by temperature and humidity. Please note we don't provide replacement or refund of films for such cases, you may contact Fujifilm for advice.


Photos turn out blur

  • Check the distance between the the camera and the subject, it must not be less than the minimal focus range, you may refer to the chart here. You must attach close-up lens if you want to shoot at a closer range.
  • Likewise check that you are not using the close-up lens if you are not shooting at close range.
  • Ensure there is sufficient lighting.
  • Check the lens is clean.


Photos have 2 or 3 spots in line from top to bottom

  • Check if there are depression on the film at the part with spot, most likely it is caused by foreign object on the film roller.
  • Please contact us for fixing.
  • To avoid this problem, keep your camera in clean environment.


Lens stuck and/or produce strange mechanical sound (For Mini 25, Mini 50S, Instax 210)

  • Make sure there is nothing blocking the lens before you power it on, otherwise it will damage the lens.
  • If you put the camera in your bag without attaching the camera to any casing there is a high chance it may be accidentally powered on, a solution is to remove the batteries after every use.
  • Our warranty doesn't cover user caused damage to the lens mechanism, however warranty will still cover if it is due to defect.


Can I carry films pass X-Ray?

  • This is the direction from Fujifilm:
    To prevent possible fogging of unexposed film during X-ray inspection of luggage at airports, it is essential that all film, and cameras loaded with film, are carried as hand baggage and not transported in hold baggage. If facility is available, then a hand search can be requested.

Polaroid Z2300

Why are there lines/defects in the printout?

  • This is not due to defective printer or photo paper, but rather a common issue with polaroid cameras/printers. While having lines on the photos is normal, for obvious lines or printout defects you may try to reinsert the blue card from the photo paper pack to recalibrate the printer and you may need to do this several times.

Instax SHARE Printer

I have connected to the printer but it prompt me to key in the password?

  • The factory default password is '1111' (without the quote), you can change the password or unset the password option in the app.


Why I am unable to connect to the printer using my Android phone?

  • Turn off the data connection on your phone and try again.


  • Why I am unable to use the internet after connecting my iPhone to the printer?
    • You will need to disconnect the WIFI connection to Instax SHARE printer after using it to use internet (either through data or other WIFI network) again, as phone can only operate with 1 data connection at a time.

Can find an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us!

We hope you enjoy using your instant camera :)