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Neopine Camera Pouch Neopine Camera Pouch
-30 %
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Made from neoprene, NEOpine pouch is not just flexible, it is durable and washable. Suitable to fit Micro Four Thirds cameras like Olympus OMD EM1, PEN and other prosumer cameras. ..
S$12.90 S$9.00
Premium Denim Leather Strap Premium Denim Leather Strap
-20 %
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Made from imported materials, these unbranded strap are of premium quality and comfortable on your neck. Best of all we bring it to you at pocket friendly price :)..
S$15.00 S$12.00
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Find the strap given with your camera is ugly, uncomfortable to wear and not handy? We introduce you this Quick Strap that is highly recommended by many users over the world. Especially if you are a DSLR camera user, it is uncomfortable to wear a neck strap for a long period of time due to the heavy..
Model: -
Now you can use any DSLR camera strap with your compact and instant cameras with this adapter for smaller strap loop. As an added advantage, you can easily detach and attach the strap with the buckle.Price is for 1 pair...
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Moisture cause grow of mold and bacteria which can damage your photo equipment and also affect you and your family health. Using calcium chloride salt based dehumidifier (one time use) is not environmentally friendly and is also costly over time as you will need to buy new one after it has absorbed ..
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