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Our low cost housebrand HEPA with Activated Charcoal filter remove tiny particles and also remove odor from the air. Air filter should be changed once it is dirty, usually 1~3 months depends on your usage environment. Note: This filter can only fit our Highstar Air Purifier sold here: http://pastlan..
Highstar Air Purifier, Ionizer, Aroma Diffuser Highstar Air Purifier, Ionizer, Aroma Diffuser
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Most USB powered 'Air Purifier' in the market are mislabelled ionizer, humidifier or just a aroma diffuser with no function to actually clean the air. Highstar Mini Air Purifier is one of its kind with HEPA and activated charcoal filtering (commonly use in bigger and expensive air purifiers), ionize..
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Jelly Fish Display Tank Jelly Fish Display Tank
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Do you have a dull work desk or home decoration? This water tank will definitely spice up your environment with realistic moving jelly fish inside! Powered by 3 AA batteries or use the provided USB cable, it is low power consumption. Unlikely a real fish tank, there is no maintenance required! Si..
Lileng Mini Fish Tank With Lamp, Alarm Clock, Thermometer, Stationery Holder Lileng Mini Fish Tank With Lamp, Alarm Clock, Thermometer, Stationery Holder
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Do you have a dull work desk or home decoration? This water tank will definitely spice up your environment! Not only you can keep small fishes, it also come with a lamp for your desk, a stationery holder and also a time/date display with alarm clock and thermometer. Powered by 3 AA batteries or use ..
Lunch Pouch Thermal Bag Lunch Pouch Thermal Bag
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Want to bring your meal back to office or home while keeping it warm? This thermal bag can also carry your cold drinks with you outside. Simply zip up and ready to grab and go!Please note the buckle come in black color only...
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Always forget where you put your keys? Place this keyholder beside your door and you will never leave your keys lying around again. It is also function as a holder for your letters. ..
Memory Foam Pillow Memory Foam Pillow
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Ordinary pillows without proper support cause improper sleep posture. One of the major factors affecting the quality of sleep is the unsatisfactory support of the neck and spine during sleep. The Memory Pillow provides proper support to correct sleeping posture, allowing the back and neck muscles to..
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It is advisable not to use essential oil in humidifiers as they are only made to handle water (essential oil may jam it). Specially designed for use with essential oil, this diffuser use large sponge to diffuse the scent with strong built-in fan and it also give humidifying effect. Can be powered by..
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Stay cool in hot weather with this USB powered evaporative air cooler fan. This version of air cooler doesn't leak water when carry around unlike other similar air cooler as this use enclosed water tank and with controlled water dispensing instead of using open water reservoir...
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Are you experiencing skin dryness while in air-conditioned room or in your car? This USB powered humidifier solve the problem by increasing the air humidity with the spray of mist. This mini humidifier is water sealed and suitable for use in moving vehicles. Come with LED light that can be On and Of..
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Maybe you like many others will rather not to carry a umbrella outside as it occupied too much of space in your bag or feel too heavy. We bring you this mini size umbrella that is so compact like carrying your mobile phone and it can be easily fit into your pocket. Never get caught in the rain again..
Model: SH-17E
Keep your cash and valuables secure with this mini safe box which is suitable for use in home and office. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and is wall mountable with the bolts included. If the batteries run out of power, you can still open the safe with the 2 provided keys.Warranty Note: We provide ..
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