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Mini USB Humidifier Mini USB Humidifier
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Are you experiencing skin dryness while in air-coniditioned room? This USB powered humidifier solve the problem by increasing the air humidity with the spray of mist. ..
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Create your mirror wall anywhere in your house with these mirror stickers. They are self-adhesive and won't crack unlike a normal mirror. You can paste on your wardrobe too!Dimension: 15cm x 15cmThickness: 1mmCome in 1 Pack of 16 Sheets ..
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Have you spent a lot of money buying so called mosquito killers and also insect repellent using ultrasound and found out none of them work? Now we introduce this new mosquito killer that we personally put on test and work really well! It don't just trap mosquito but also other airborne insects too! ..
Pedal Exercise Bike Pedal Exercise Bike
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Cycle in the comfort of your house with this exercise bike. You can set the pedal tension and check the time, speed, distance and calorie burnt on the LCD display. Note: Only available in Black colour. Require self assembly ..
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Most USB powered 'Air Purifier' in the market are mislabelled ionizer, humidifier or just a aroma diffuser with no function to actually clean the air. Purifier Vehicle is one of its kind with HEPA and activated carbon filtering (commonly use in bigger and expensive air purifiers), ionizer and also a..
Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
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Model: OKA-658
Tired after a hard day at work? Save the extra work by using this robotic vacuum cleaner to automatically do the floor cleaning job for you! Perfect for home owners with pets as this robotic vacuum cleaner will pick up your pet hair and also dropped bits of food. This vacuum cleaner is defini..
Self Stirring Mug Self Stirring Mug
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What will be a better day to start off with your favorite beverage and carry them to school or to work. This mug is leak proof, durable and can be easily open for washing. Stirring operation is silent too! ..
Sodry Super Water Repelling Umbrella Sodry Super Water Repelling Umbrella
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No more water dripping with this strong water repelling umbrella! It is auto open/close and has a larger surface than most of other auto umbrella. You can keep it in your bag* after use on rainy days and also use for shade on bright sunny days.*Umbrella will have water droplets on the surface and yo..
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Simply fill up the water tank and squeeze on the handle to spray water on the floor and mop it with the replaceable and washable cleaning cloth. Unlike the traditional mop, you no longer need a bucket of water. Spray mop use less water, less water splash around and can allow the floor to dry faster...
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Keep your toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, rinsing cup and facial cream etc neatly organized together with this space saving holder. ..
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Ultrasonic cleaner use high frequency ultrasound as a very effective method to clean objects with surfaces that are hard to reach and clean using the normal way. You will only need to fill it with pure water and turn it on to start cleaning. Frequency: 40KHz Power: 30W/50W Timer: 1 - 60mins (30..
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